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Sometimes life in college can get too hectic and you might yourself swamped with tons of papers; you might not be able to complete all of them on time. There is no need for you to fail your classes when you can get help from a professional tutor. With our custom essay writing service, you can have an entire academic paper written for you from scratch by a professional essay writer. In fact, our experienced writers can assist you with all types of academic tasks.

We like to describe our writing service as a concierge tutoring service that serves to take the hardest part of writing papers off your hands. Sometimes all you need is a competent writer to transform all you ideas into one concrete paper. We are here to assist you manage your deadlines, schedules, and difficult writing tasks by providing you with an innovative tutoring service.

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Disruptive Web 3.0 Powered System!

Our state of the art machine learning systems can match you with the perfect tutor from our database of over 10,000 educators who also work as writers for our service. Our system takes into account numerous factors including your level of study, experience of the writer, previous jobs completed, both your ratings, your deadline, the writing speed of the writer, resources required, and other super-secret factors that have been baked into our unmatched algorithm.

This special sauce is what gives us that edge over our competition, since this is a disruptive system that is yet to be matched by any competitor. All other writing services don’t provide this level of specialization and often your paper will be written by a writer who is poorly equipped to handle your task. Unfortunately, this is why you are bound to receive an incomprehensible mess of an essay that you would have been better off writing for yourself.

With our service, you will receive a paper that perfectly matches both your professor’s and your high expectations.

Besides this we also offer:

  1. 100% plagiarism free papers (Free plagiarism check included).
  2. 24/7 Customer support.
  3. Affordable rates.
  4. We keep time. No matter the deadline.
  5. Over 10,000 professional writers, ready to work on your order.

More About Our Writers

Our unique system has given us the opportunity to work with over 10,000 professionally vetted writers from around the world. After you have placed your order, the real magic begins to take place in our backend where our algorithm gets to work its magic. Just like uber, our system automatically matches your order to the writer who is most suitable to work on it, and they are immediately notified to begin working on the order. Once they accept the job, you will be notified as well and you can start communicating with the writer working on your paper.

Our system is very interactive, and to ease your nerves further, you will be in constant contact with our support team as well as your personal writer through each step.

Our writers are taken through a state of the art selection process that only allows the best of the best in each field to join our team. To show you how thorough the process is – In the past year alone we had an acceptance rate of less than 1%.

100% Original Papers

Essayclerk was started by a team of perfectionists with many years’ experience in the academic field. All our papers strictly adhere to institutional academic requirements. We make sure that all papers are perfectly formatted while taking into account all your personal preferences.

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Our 3-Tier Plagiarism Check

We understand how plagiarism can be dangerous to your academic career, with most institutions having a zero tolerance policy towards cases of plagiarism. Thus, we use a 100% fool-proof three tier plagiarism check system.

First, all our writers are equipped with our unique (patent pending) plagiarism check software; backed by our award winning algorithms. Most importantly, we ensure that they are up to date on proper writing and citation techniques to avoid even the slightest instance of plagiarism.

Once the writer uploads their final copy of your order, our system begins the second phase of the plagiarism check. Our plagiarism checker runs a second plag check, with a much higher detection rate; crawling through millions of web pages, academic journals, and databases while highlighting possible traces of plagiarism.

In the final phase of the plagiarism check, the plagiarism report is forwarded to our editor who runs the final check on the paper. The editor will correct all writing errors, request edits, ensure proper citation is used, and only approve the paper when it is 100% original, well-written, and to your

Money-Back Guarantee!

If you are not happy with the paper you receive, we can refund all your money – instantly. You only pay for papers that match up to your expectations. When dealing with an online company, trust is the most important factor you should put into consideration – especially when you are buying essays online. Essayclerk consistently scores over 95% in third party customer satisfaction surveys. This is because we have created a system that puts the customer first. In fact, the customer support department makes up 63% of our workforce.

In instances of dissatisfaction, we assign three team members to work on rectifying the mistake. If the customer is still dissatisfied with the quality of work after escalation, we allow the customer to request a full refund with no delays.

You Can Contact Us 24/7

Our customer support team works tirelessly 24/7 to ensure you have a seamless experience using our service. We have a state of the art support system; backed by representatives who are genuinely concerned about any issue you might come across. There are many convenient ways to reach our support team. Simply, initiate a chat on our website, send us an email, or reach us on our of our social media platforms. We will get back to you at your earliest convenience.

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Essayclerk FAQ

What is Essayclerk?
Essayclerk is a leading modern, and unique essay writing service. We assist students complete all types of writing assignments including essays, theses, assignments, online tests, research papers, and editing.
Is Essayclerk a US Company?
Yes. Essayclerk is a registered US company that has been featured on many US publications. Our management and editorial team is also US based.
Is This Service Legal
Yes. All our services are legal and recognized by academic institutions. It is important to note that we provide an online tutoring services. All our papers are guidelines and although we provide completed papers, it is entirely up to the discretion of the client to decide whether they will hand in the assignments as they are or after modification.
Who are Your Writers?
We hire a team of US based writers, with a large majority working in the education sector as professors, or as professional writers. Unlike our competition, we put all our writers through a rigorous vetting process, ensuring we get only the best. As a case in point, we only accept less than 4% of applicants to join our writing and the editorial team.
How Much Will I Pay?
The price depends on a lot of factors including the type of assignment, deadline, and number of pages. Kindly use the calculator on the homepage to get an accurate calculation of what you will be charged for your order.
Are Your Papers 100% original?
All of our papers are written from scratch to ensure 100% originality. Our experienced team of writers are also well versed in all referencing styles and will guarantee that all sources are properly cited and referenced.
Which Academic Disciplines are Covered?
Our unique service has allowed us to hire freelance writers across all academic disciplines. We can guarantee that we are able to complete any assignment ordered up to PHD level.
Will My School Find Out?
No. We value our clients' privacy. All details provided are held confidentially and protected by our privacy policy.
How Does it Work?
To find out how our service works step by step kindly have a look at our how it works page.